Blodwens mistletoe artisan candle

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Made in Cardigan Bay using traditional techniques, this delicious hand-poured wax candle is scented with 100% organic essential oils.

The Mistletoe has always played an important part in the customs and folklore of Wales. First it was venerated by the ancient Druids as a sacred plant for its magic and fertility-giving properties, then used as a decoration which protected hearth and home and as an omen of agricultural fecundity.  So to celebrate this most ancient and festive of plants, Blodwen's hand-poured Mistletoe candle conjures up the smells of hushed woodlands, moonlit groves and frosty air - a perfect reminder of our pagan past.

It comes in a deep red frosted glass and is packaged in a white cardboard tube with tissue paper.

Approximate burning time : 7 hours

Weight : 450g