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Vintage 1 arm Jielde wall light

£325.00 + P/P

Product code: 2207

Beautiful original stripped and polished Jielde one arm as a work station lamp.  (The name "Jielde" comes from the French pronunciation of his initials: Je-iL-De).

Following the brief to be "simple, robust and articulated in order to adapt to all working stations", the Jielde lamp is an iconic French industrial piece.

1 arm, measuring approximately 44cm each.  Overall diameter (including ring): 20cm.  

In good vintage condition.  Some wear and tear as to be expected.

This can be wired straight into the wall or if you prefer we can add a flex and plug so it can be pluged into the wall for an extra cost.

The best wall lights ever, we think.

Please note: we are selling a few of these so the one you receive may look slightly different to the one in the photo and the badge may be light blue or green but will be the same vintage genuine Jielde light in every other way 


£325 + P&P

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