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Vintage German beer table and benches orange

£235.00 + P/P

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Lovely Biergarten pine beer table.


Can be kept outdoors in good weather and can be folded away and stored flat the rest of the time.  

Great for entertaining - perfect for (kids) parties and BBQs.  Also works as a back-up table indoors.


Table  220cm L x 50cm W x 78cm H.

Benches 217 cm L x 24cm W x 48cm H.

Please note this is a vintage item so has a few scuffs, scratches and paint loss all adding to its appeal!

Practical and appealing, these benches can be positioned end to end for banquets/beer fests!

Please note there may be slight differences in colour and wear from set to set also some may be brighter or a duller colour than others.

£235 + P&P

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