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Steel locker with 18 compartments

£899.00 + P/P

Product code: 3523

1930s 18-compartment metal locker which has been partly stripped and polished, with Art Deco feet.

This stunning locker has its own natural patina which you can only get with age. 

Please note that, due to its age and the type of setting it's been salvaged from, there are signs of wear including small dents and scratches. The interior is in its original finish.  

All doors have clasps so a padlock can be added to each door if required.

Each compartment has been split in two with a divider but this could be removed if needed.

Approximate dimensions:

Width: 91cm

Depth: 49cm

Height: 197cm

Compartments: 32cm x 46cm x 30.5cm.

Great in an office, bedroom or as a shop display. Very practical size.

We've never seen one like this before so it's a real find!


£899 + P&P

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